Proof Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrups


Proof Pecan Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup is made by taking fresh, oven-roasted pecans and infusing them into our aromatic bitters. We then combine that with our oleo saccharum blend. The result is a delicious, smooth, and nutty cocktail that you can enjoy at home. Each 16oz bottle makes 32 beverages. For more than just an old fashioned - concoct your perfect cocktail!

Currently, Pecan is the only Proof Syrup flavor we carry. Stay tuned for more flavors!


Made in Decatur, Georgia.


Pecan Old Fashioned

- 2 oz of your favorite aged spirit

½ oz Proof Pecan

- ice, strain and pour on the rocks

- garnish with orange

Pecan Tea Punch

- ½ oz Proof Pecan

- 1½ oz Vodka

- 4 oz Black Tea

- Lemon Wedge

- Mint

Pecan Apple Sour

- ½ oz Proof Pecan

- 1 oz Rum, 

- ½ oz Lime

- 4 oz Hard Cider