Salt Rox 13" Round Cooking Plate

Salt Rox 13" Round Cooking Plate

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13" Round Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate


Grilling on a Himalayan Salt Block is a great way to infuse your food with extra flavor while also preventing anything from falling between the grill grates. The Salt Rox is simple to clean, will last for years, and can be used in the kitchen or on the grill. Salt Rox makes the highest quality salt block available. Round Pink Himalayan Salt Rox cooking plates provide great flavor and naturally tenderize meat, seafood and vegetables as you cook. Great on the gas or charcoal grill, in the oven or on your cooktop - wherever you like to cook. The only safety tested salt cooking plate on the market.

  • Enhances the natural flavor of food while you cook
  • Tenderizes food naturally while you cook
  • Naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean
  • Grill, bake and serve on it
  • Safety Tested

What makes Salt Rox™ the highest quality salt cookware available?

The difference is in the details…

Salt Rox™ is the only manufacturer that solely makes Himalayan Salt Block products, and they spent 2 years perfecting their patented process to make the cookware safe and durable. Salt Rox™ is also the original manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses and Poultry Seasoning Eggs. Other copy-cats have since begun producing similar but inferior products.

The 2" Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks from Salt Rox™ are the perfect size and density for durability and thermodynamics. Other blocks from competitors are not made for temperatures above 400° causing food to become salty, and increasing the potential for "thermal shock" (explosions).  Salt Rox™ has spent the time and resources to perfect a process ensuring stability, so you can use your Salt Rox™ Cookware for grilling at temperatures up to 700°.  These are the only products on the market that go through a thorough inspection, safety processing and safety testing to assure your satisfaction.

What can you cook on the Pink Himalayan Salt Rox Blox?

Seafood, meat, vegetables, baked goods & more. You're only limited by your imagination!

How long do the Pink Himalayan Salt Rox Blox last?

Like your grandmother's cast iron skillet, with proper care it will have a long and flavorful life! Salt Rox™ is the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime product and not a disposable product.

What kind of oil should I use on my Salt Rox Blox?

Grape seed, avocado, coconut, sesame, canola or other high heat oil.

What surface can be used to heat the Salt Rox Blox?

Any surface that produces heat: Grill, oven, gas or electric stove top are all suitable!

How do I clean the Pink Himalayan Salt Rox Blox?

Scrape with a metal spatula or brush to remove food. Salt is naturally antimicrobial. Never submerge it in water or put it in the dishwasher.