Wake Up Eufaula - 5 LB Bag


Your favorite flavored coffee in a size to last you a while. Largemouth Coffee now comes in five pound bags! Whole bean only.

Why only whole bean? Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor as soon as they are ground. For the freshest, richest, Superior taste, we encourage customers to purchase this option only if they have means of grinding the beans fresh on their own. We don't want you to lose any of that flavorful goodness. 

Best Way to Explain: Our Breakfast Blend..... On Steroids!

This blend is our Breakfast Blend, with a twist. A shot of Espresso has been infused with our Breakfast Blend beans. This means you get the mild roast of Breakfast Blend with a little pick-me-up for those SLOW mornings. This blend has been "Waking Up Eufaula" since, well, 2018, but it sounds good, RIGHT!

This Coffee Roast Boasts:

- Best Selling Breakfast Blend with a SHOT of Espresso.

- Large Mouth Coffee's Strongest Blend to Date

- A Great Morning Pick-Me-Up with Exquisite Flavor

- Not Available in Decaf (Completely Defeats the Purpose)

- Made with 100% Arabica Beans

What Our Customers Are Saying:


‘Wake Up Eufaula’ is the best coffee I’ve ever had!! - Lucas S.