Superior Pecans reels in new coffee brand name as tribute to its 85th year and the “Big Bass Capital”

Eufaula, Alabama. August 1, 2019. For immediate release

Superior Pecans & Gifts - a local pecan, coffee, ice cream and gift shop - is marking its historic 85th year in its historic hometown by rebranding its quickly growing coffee line.

Largemouth Coffee Company is a nod to Eufaula’s “Big Bass Capital of the World” title, one that current owners, the Shoffit family, find fitting for their beloved small town.

After its establishment by Hugh Sparks in 1934, Superior Pecans has changed hands and continued to grow through time. The Shoffit’s purchased Superior in 2011 and relocated in 2015. The move brought in the coffee brand and ice cream as a different way to incorporate pecans outside of their harvesting season toward the end of the year.

Largemouth Coffee roasts 100% Arabica beans at an offsite location with some of the finest flavors that Eufaulians and passersby have come to know and love. The most popular flavor being Southern Pecan – which actually has Superior pecan pieces roasted in with the beans. 

Pecan coffee is the brand’s unique staple and is available in a variety of flavors, like Cinnamon Pecan and Butter Pecan. Not all roasts contain pecans, but customers can enjoy flavors from Breakfast Blend to Leroy Brown.

While the name changes, the coffee remains the same.


Emily Shoffit

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