Call of Courage


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Call of Courage is an amazingly true story of Douglas W. Curtis as he goes from Private to Captain in the United States Army during World War II. Pairing his letters with the actual events listed in the “Combat Narrative 10th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army,” this book shows the thoughts and emotions of a frontline officer commanding men through some of the toughest conditions of the war, as General Patton’s beloved 5th Division would experience. Despite being wounded twice, Captain Curtis continues to fight in all five campaigns of the European Theater, earning himself numerous decorations of valor. His love for his wife is perhaps the single most important motivation for his safe return, but never once does this love prevent him from being a devoted soldier.

 Each copy is signed by the author!

Andrew Curtis, author of Famous Catfish Stew, is located across the bridge to Georgia and about an hour away from Eufaula. Superior Pecans is excited to carry an assortment of local goods in store, including this great read.