Uncle Keith's Red Sauce


Born and perfected just an hour outside of Eufaula, Uncle Keith's Red Sauce is a true Southern Style Salsa and we won't be the first or the last to tell you - "it's good, y'all."

This local favorite pairs perfectly with chips, can replace the Rotel in your Rotel dip, serve as a garnish to your grilled chicken, steak and tacos, or you can try Superior Pecans' staff favorite way to eat it.. with a spoon!

Keith & Robyn's Story:

"After 5 years and making 5 1/2 cup batches in our small Black and Decker food processor, we finally decided to get serious about finding a contract packager to help us convert our small community business to a full-sized operation. Many people along the way helped us turn our dream into a reality. Our across the street neighbor volunteered his graphic design expertise and time to help make our logo come to life. Then, a dear friend’s cousin added some finishing touches and now, “it’s good y’all.”  Our amazing friends and family spent countless hours helping us figure out how to spread the word about our new business. All done with a genuine desire to see us succeed and for a guaranteed payment of….you guessed it, salsa. As a result of the efforts from our community, coupled with Keith’s skills in sales and marketing, we were able to form relationships with local businesses which gave us a platform-outside of hand delivering salsa.

Each member of our little family joined in to get our salsa onto the shelves and believed wholeheartedly in the product that we were sitting on doorsteps and selling out of Keith’s office. After all, running out of salsa at our house was about as bad as running out of sweet tea. It has been a journey based on stepping out in faith and believing fully that if it isn’t God’s will, we will never wonder, what if?"