Alabama Morning Dew - 1 LB Coffee Bag


How this coffee got its name and its incredibly smooth flavor...

These coffee beans were not shipped immediately after harvest and were exposed to the winds of the Arabian Sea for 12-16 weeks. This actually imitates the high humidity these beans would have been exposed to on the 4-6 month journey around the Cape of Good Hope from India to Europe in the early 1700's. During this transit, green coffee beans would transform to a pale gold and drastically drop in acidity. This reminds us of the gentle caress of Alabama Morning Dew and what that taste would entail!

This delicious coffee roast boasts:

- Medium Body

- Low Acidity

- Smooth Finish

- Smoky, Spicy Notes

- Whole Bean or Freshly Ground

What Customers are Saying:

Favorite Morning Coffee

Superior Pecans & Gifts has great coffee. I love all of their flavors. I think Alabama Morning Dew is the perfect morning coffee blend! Its smooth enough to drink all day, but is strong enough to get me going first thing in the morning. There is no bitterness and tastes fantastic! - Anthony G.