The Devils in Alabama Book


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Bryan Gill is originally from Eufaula and has published a great story - we're thrilled to offer it here at Superior Pecans!

Drake Tatum is in desperate need of money to pay off a debt he owes, but his measly income as a newspaper intern in Birmingham, Alabama isn't enough. With resignation letter in hand and every intention to seek a job with better pay, his fiery female boss drags him on an assignment to investigate the sudden rise of sports betting halls in the state—a world he knows well from his gambling habit. Fueled by the guilt of a childhood accident and obligated to fund his father’s opioid addiction, Drake's thirst for money sinks him deeper into the sinister underbelly of Alabama. Will he be consumed by the tangled web of illegal gaming, drug trafficking, corrupt politicians, football, and religion? Or will he reconcile the guilt of his past and escape the grip of these devils?