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Creamy Temptation of Jezebel Dip

We have another Captain Rodney's product featured in our recipe list. There is a reason why, their quality ingredients are simply delicious! One jar will make two of these tasty dishes! Ingredients: 1/2 jar Captain Rodney's Temptation of Jezebel Sauce 16 oz cream cheese (softened) 1/4 cup green or red bell pepper (chopped) 3 Teaspoons minced onions 1/2 cup chopped pecans (We have plenty in our "Natural Pecans" section!) Directions: Blend all ingredients. Serve with crackers or chips. Optional: Place in refrigerator for 5 minutes.

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Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake

Captain Rodney’s Cheese Bake A delicious and easy to make game day, tailgating appetizer ½ Cup Mayonnaise 2 Cups Sharp Cheddar Cheese 2 Green Onions (chopped) 8 Oz Cream Cheese 8 Pieces of cooked bacon or ½ cup bacon bits 8 crushed Ritz Crackers ½ Cup of Captain Rodney’s Boucan Glaze Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. While waiting for oven to heat mix sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, green onions, and cream cheese together in a bowl. Once the ingredients mixed equally, place into a 9-inch grease dish and level equally. Evenly distribute crushed crackers over the top. Place the cheese bake into the oven for 15 minutes or till golden brown. Generously sprinkle bacon over the top and finish...

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